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Dating koshechka

In addition to it, I have had recurrent yeast infection for a year.

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I'm crossing my fingers that after my thyroid is stabilized, my acne will completely disappear.But mine was apparently related to thyroid disease.I've found that, since my thyroid levels have been balanced, I no longer get any acne at all. I've suffered with adult acne for the past 10 years.If not, I will post the results of my test and treatment that I will be undergoing later. If your naturopath has not yet started you on some additional supplements, you may want to discuss these with her/him: - Garlic pills - A high potency probiotic (such as PB-8) - Pau D'Arco (also known as Taheebo) tea [which can be taken internally and, in the worst case scenario, also used as a douche] These supplements helped me tremendously when I had a really resistant case of candida.I've been candida-free for years now, and only did the special diet short-term.I take some supplements and I am trying to do some bowel and liver cleansing. The Yeast-Free diets are quite helpful in slowing the candida.

I hope I will find somebody with similar problems who can explain to me what is going on. And now, because I have been "treated" by several MDs, I am really skeptical. But people with sicknesses understand each other better than people without them. Well, For the past 5 yrs I've been trying to treat my "adult" acne problem. But the liver cleanse should be short-term -- it can actually make you feel more sick if you purge too much all at once.

Moral of the story is that too many doctors only treat individual symptoms and don't look at the whole patient.

Multiple symptoms could all lead to the same underlying cause (in our case - underactive thyroid).

And I use Pau D'Arco tea as a light detox from time to time, but I like how it tastes.

The cystic acne may be improved by certain topic ointments that contain salicylic acid such as Neutrogena's Clear Pore (the pink box), but I found it even more helpful to just use a light moisturizer and let the bumps go away.

Like i said i do not understand her reasoning for it, but i found I also did not experience a few other symptoms while taking it too.